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Compassion: Why it’s more important than ever

Compassion: Why it’s more important than ever

We live in a toxic world. To some of us, this cuts us to our core on a daily basis. We cannot block out horrible things happening in the world. We feel immense compassion and empathy for other beings when they suffer. Compassion is always needed, but especially in times of strife or chaos.

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Sensitive in a toxic world


Sometimes it can feel like a burden to be sensitive in a toxic world, but not feeling compassion for others is actually worse. When people only think about how things affect them, and no one else, injustices happen much more frequently. It leads to division and inequalities.

“Sensitive” doesn’t have to be a word we shy away from. If you identify with what I’m saying, it is not necessary to change ourselves. However, we need to have methods in place to protect ourselves so the toxicity doesn’t overwhelm us. This is something I struggle with. I have always felt things very deeply. Many empaths are artists, as I am. Because we feel so deeply, we’re often able to translate that into works of art. It’s important to have an outlet. If we let things bottle up inside too much, at some point, we will explode – whether that means mentally, physically, by turning to drugs or alcohol to numb ourselves, by turning to other forms of self-harm, etc. Instead we should seek outlets such as creativity, activism or other forms of connecting. And we should build up our toolboxes with ways to protect ourselves. (More on that in another post.)




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The world NEEDS compassion now


This world needs it more than ever. When we see a lack of compassion, or narcissism, running rampant, something in the balance is way off. We’re meant to care about one another. And I believe we’re also meant to care about other sentient beings, and empathize with their pain. 

I’m going to be exploring and writing about this topic a lot more. If you resonate with what I’m saying, or even if you’re just curious about it, stay tuned to my blog for more~



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