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Beauty Secrets: Makeup on a Budget

Beauty Secrets: Makeup on a Budget

Great Makeup on a budget

Fairly often I get asked about my makeup, so I thought I’d do some blogs on it.


I think of makeup as another form of creativity and expression. You can make yourself look totally different depending on products and contouring, shades, etc. I have sort of a “signature look” that I like to do, so that’s what I’m going to talk about here. With the right products, you can make your own ‘signature look’ in no time!



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With that out of the way, here we go! ~


Pre-Makeup Application


I believe it’s extremely important to thoroughly moisturize your skin! If you look at my healthy, glowing skin post, you can see some of my tips there on how to get great-looking skin. I tend to use some oils then a SPF moisturizer before applying makeup. (Always always SPF!)




My main focus is on the eyes. Windows to the soul and all that. For day-to-day wear, I use Covergirl Perfect Point Plus black eyeliner. It goes on smoothly and can give that nice ‘cat-eye’ effect. For eye shadow, I use anything from Elf to MAC. Having green eyes makes my choices a little different than most people. To get the densest lashes possible on a daily basis, I sometimes sleep with castor oil on them. Then in the morning stroke on Rimmel Scandaleyes black mascara. I think I’ve tried about 1,000 mascaras over time, and while there are some even more dramatic that I like for the stage or photoshoots, for daily wear this definitely gets the job done! I’ll throw eyebrows in here too. Basically I just accentuate mine with a little eye shadow in a similar shade. If I want them to be extra dramatic, I’ll go with a shade or two darker than my actual shade.




Foundation is where I’m willing to spend the most money, I suppose because it covers the largest area, so I want it to be creamy and give that “flawless” look (major quotation marks there because who really is ever flawless). My favorite foundation is MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix foundation. It’s creamy and doesn’t sink into your pores like some other foundations. It gives that ‘photo-finish’ look. I also like Makeup Forever‘s product line.




I know contouring is huge right now, but personally I don’t do much of it. When I have a makeup artist decorating me, then they throw that in, but I like to be relatively quick day to day. I do really like Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Blush & Bronzer. It helps give a nice blush and glow. And if I want a little extra shimmer, then I must go with Urban Decay Naked Illuminated. I absolutely love the effect it gives, which can be pretty subtle, or more dramatic if layered.




Unless I’m heading out at night, I’m not big on lipstick. Why? Because I eat it off in about 10 minutes! Sigh. It’s annoying to have it go away so quickly, let alone think about what I must be ingesting… If I do wear some, it’ll usually be MAC. More often I’ll go with a simple gloss, which can be from pretty much anywhere. What I have in my purse at the moment is from NYX.


What else about makeup would you like a post about? Or any questions on the info above?

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