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Beauty in All Shapes & Styles: Beverly Hills Fashion Night

Beauty in All Shapes & Styles: Beverly Hills Fashion Night

Are you ready for some high fashion dresses that actually look comfortable..? I was invited to attend and cover Beverly Hills Fashion Night at the Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills August 30th. I don’t always love runway-style fashion, but this ended up being a treat! The designer was previewing what she will be showcasing at next month’s New York Fashion Week.


beverly hills fashion night



Pia Gladys Perey, fashion designer


As someone who values diversity and inclusion, I tend to have an issue with the fashion industry on the whole. It often presents a limiting and exclusion-based idea of “beauty”. However, on the invite for this event was included the phrase, “to celebrate women in every shape, and style”. Already that sounded more promising. And indeed it was!



BH model 2

BH model 1BH model 3



Pia Gladys PereyPia Gladys Perey’s designs were elegant & stunning.

They looked like they could be worn on the red carpet, but also like they would be comfortable (can you imagine!). The models were of every color, and ranged in size from the ‘typical’ tall, skinny model to more voluptuous and soft. Her designs draped well on all figures, which was beautiful to see.






Riviera 31 at Sofitel Beverly Hills


Arriving at the hotel, my friend and I admired its beauty and sophistication. We struck some poses on the red carpet, me on red carpet

then were ushered inside. LA was in the midst of a heatwave, so it wasn’t exactly comfortable temperature-wise, but that was to be expected. The venue itself held an interesting mix of modern and rustic, both indoors and outdoors. A DJ was spinning music that grew progressively better as the night went on and there were platforms set up for the models, who would arrive later.




Riviera at Sofitel



As per usual in Beverly Hills, the people were not especially friendly and the staff a bit condescending. The mood grew warmer though as the size of the crowd expanded. By the time the fashion show began, there was an energy of anticipation and excitement shared by all!








Gail dressGwen dress


My takeaway


There are opposing forces in our society right now on the value of diversity and inclusion. In places like Los Angeles, it seems this is causing an even fiercer attempt than ever to include a range of races and sizes in upcoming projects. I believe it would be healthier as a society, and especially for young girls, to see this rainbow of color and shape. The percentage of the population that has the shape of a typical runway model is in the single digits. To value beauty in its many forms is a shift that would benefit us all.


Thanks to MTS, Sofitel and Pia Gladys Perey for this experience!


What’s your take on continuing to expand the idea of beauty in our/your culture? Let me know in the comments below.



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