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6 Vitamins To Make Sure You’re Getting!

6 Vitamins To Make Sure You’re Getting!

Vital Vitamins

It is almost an art to make sure we’re getting all the vitamins and nutrients our bodies need to function best. Ideally we get them from our diet alone, but I know for me, I feel better when I take supplements for the things of which I’m not getting enough. I’ve spent hours poring over sources online. While there are many important vitamins, below are 6 that can definitely help you feel your best.


6 Vitamins to make sure you're getting


All health tips I’ll be providing will only include vegan sources. 


*I am not a doctor, dermatologist or nutritionist. These are my findings, which I hope can be beneficial to you.


Vitamin B   Calcium  Vitamin D  Vitamin C  Zinc  Iron  Omegas  Chia seeds  Spirulina



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